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Today sees the release of my 新 novel, 文物。它’有幻想元素和惊悚/犯罪元素,但据我所知’m concerned it’这真是一部恐怖小说。就这样’这是自大约2年前(2015年)以来,我发表的第一部恐怖小说。

文物 is also my 41st published novel.

我不得不看那个数字一会儿’d键入。 41本小说。是的,有些是合作的(主要是与克里斯托弗·戈尔德合作),但是绝大多数是我自己写的。

It’s also 20年this September since my first novel, Mesmer, was published.

20年… 41 novels …但是在很多方面我仍然感觉像‘new’ writer.  Every book I see published fills me with glee, every 新 review is exciting, and every time my agent calls I get a tingle of anticipation.  Whenever I get a 新 deal, for a short story or novel (or a movie …看这个空间!),片刻’几乎就像第一个一样。一世’d不想失去那种感觉。

所以,我真的希望你能喜欢 文物 (单击标题以获取订购信息)。请让我知道你在想什么。你继续读下去,我’继续写吧!




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  1. 另一个蒂姆 说:

    Picked this up on a whim (having never read any of your other books before) at my local bookstore and really enjoyed it. Congratulations on your 41st novel. I hope to read a good deal more of them soon (hopefully a sequel to 文物 as well).

  2. 蒂姆·勒本 说:


  3. 吉尔牧羊犬 说:

    Really enjoyed 文物 Tim, look forward to the next two books in the series –你知道发行日​​期吗?

  4. 法案 说:

    已接“Relics” last week! Really liked the book, times where I got into a little trouble because someone was ready to check out something 新 on vacation but needed to wait until I got to a slow place in the book! Not many of them! Looking forward to 新 releases!

  5. 苏珊 说: